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Find out how to beat dungeon bosses, play every class and more! Knowledge is power, and with these guides you can obtain all the power you need.

This website will provide all information needed to play OrbusVR with confidence. Learn how to run dungeons, play all classes and complete all quests. This website is still rather new, so i will be updating it as the game is updated. This website aims to provide quick and easy access to all information you need regarding OrbusVR. The community is fun and friendly, so ask around in game for help if you don't understand something. This website is not affiliated with OrbusVR in any way, This is an unofficial guide website.


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Class Guide

The guide to every class in OrbusVR. Learn how to play every class, what their abilities are, strategies, skills and more.

Boss Info

Find out all about dungeon bosses! Learn their attacks, pick up strategies and prepare for your next dungeon run.

Quest Guide

The ultimate guide to all quests in OrbusVR! Follow through with an accurate descriptions and images of exactly how to go about those difficult quests.

This is the Dungeon Troll. This boss has two main attacks which you need to be aware of. The first attack is he summons circles under the feet of players that will explode and deal massive damage. To avoid this attack, look for the arrow indicator on your screen or the large circle that spawns below you, then move out of the circle making sure to get a bit of extra distance as to avoid being hit just outside of the circle. You can also lure the boss into one of these circles to stun him for a period of time, resulting in increased damage to the boss while stunned. The second attack is a laser beam that he shoots out of his body as he rotates in a clockwise rotation. This deals massive damage. Simply rotate with the laser, as that is the best method of avoiding it. While it is possible to teleport through the laser, it has a large hitbox and is difficult.
This is the Lich King. This boss will attack at range if you don't have a tank, and will attack with melee if you do. This boss has two main attacks and one state you need to be aware of. One of the attacks to be aware of, is his purple orbs. These orbs will shoot out in all directions from the boss except his sides (left/right). These orbs will boomerang back. The other attack is similar to the Dungeon Troll's where he will summon purple circles under you that explode after a few seconds. To avoid this attack, simply do as you would with the Dungeon Troll and move out of the way. If you do not see the circle, you should notice the arrow indicator on your screen telling you that you need to move. The state you need to be aware of is his invincible state. The Lich King will be invincible a few times throughout the fight, this is indicated by the large purple sphere surrounding him. In this state he will send minions to attack you, and does not attack himself, with the exception of him still shooting out the purple orbs periodically. Kill the minions to be able to damage the boss again.


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This is Chaos Purity. This boss has three main attacks you need to be aware of. First, he will attack the tank with a spin attack that deals large damage. The second attack, is he will spawn purple orbs in the sky. These orbs will slowly drop down from the sky, leaving large circles that deal poison damage. The third attack, is he will drop poison directly onto a player.
This is the Chaos Hunter. This boss has three main attacks you need to be aware of. His first attack 'Impending Doom' is a time-based attack. A purple orb will appear in front of your face and you will have 20 seconds to get inside of the green circles that spawn. If you are not in the circle when the time expires, you will die. His second attack is called 'shotgun' which will fire 3 purple orbs in a cone directly in front of him. To avoid this attack, dodge out of the way or get beside or behind him. For his final main attack, he will summon a line of purple orbs that will cross the ship from one side to another. To avoid this attack, either teleport through them or go to an area that wont be in the way of the orbs.


This is the Mutated Rat. He has one main attack and one event you need to be aware of. The event you need to be aware about, is there are two levers on either side of the boss. During the fight a rat will spawn near one of these levers and very slowly, move towards it. This will happen several times throughout the fight. If the rat makes it to one of these levers before it is killed, the entire dungeon will be covered in a poisonous pool, poisoning everyone. Once you succeed in killing the rat, watch out for an important interrupt on the boss, if you do not interrupt him he will enrage.
This is the Sewer Slime. This boss has two main attacks and one state/event you need to be aware of. The first main attack, is he will summon circles that appear under your feet that explode after a few seconds. To avoid this, simply move out of the way. Also during this attack Sewer rats will spawn from the boss. You will know if you have a circle under your feet if you have an arrow indicator in front of you, or if you see the circle. The second main attack is he will shoot slow moving orbs at you, which need to be out run, as they will follow you. The state/event you need to be aware of is he will take extremely reduced damage until you lure him under one of the buckets on the ceiling and pull it's respective lever located near under the bucket. Once you drop the bucket on the boss, he will take full damage for a period of time. This boss will randomly aggro on everyone, so he needs to be out run while luring him under a bucket.


This is the Minotaur. He has two main attacks you need to be aware of. His first attack, is he will shoot out a purple orb that follows a player. You need to let this orb touch you, then it will stop and explode after a few seconds. Move out of the way before it explodes after it touches you. The second attack is rage, which needs to be interrupted or he will deal massive damage.

This is the Gorgon. This boss has one main attack and one event you need to be aware of. His main attack, 'Gaze' is a charged attack that upon completion will instantly kill all players looking at him. To avoid this attack, simply be looking away from the boss when he casts it. Turn back around only when you are certain he has finished this attack. The event you need to know of is he will spawn a box with a minion inside. This box will need to be destroyed fast, or else it will turn into a minion and heal the boss and damage you. If the box opens you will have to kill the minion.